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slow stitch embroidery
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slow stitch embroidery
hand embroidery with vlinen and oile
voile and linen hand embroidery

Ivory Voile and Linen slow stitch embroidery

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One-off slow stitch embroidery (only one available)
Materials : Ivory voile, cream self stripe linen, white linen, DMC stranded thread
Embroidered area is 2.5" x 2.25" (65x55mm)

This is a really dainty and delicate embroidery. The back layer is linen, overlayed with ivory voile, a self stripe cream linen and then another layer of the voile on top of that. I used a variety of stitches over the top of all of those layers to hold everything in place. I especially enjoyed doing the two lines of running stitch around the edge to make a border. It took a bit of concentration to get the stitches the same size and parallel at the same time. I love a little challenge.