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Framed Embroidery, Cottage with Garden

Framed Embroidery, Cottage with Garden

Regular price £55.00

Here is a delicate, one-off embroidery of a country cottage and garden. This particular style of cottage is probably my perfect dream abode with the flowers in the garden wrapping themselves around the fabric of the building. My starting point for this embroidery was a rectangle of pin-striped white linen to create the of the outline of the cottage and the roof, windows and garden grew from there. My favourite bit is the semi-circular row of embroidered pink flowers which gives the impression of a garden fence or possibly a flowerbed along the edge of a garden path leading to the garden at the back of the cottage. You can't see the back garden here . . .maybe my next project!

This embroidery is unique so there's only one available.
Signed and dated 2020
Size of box frame is 235x235x25mm
Embroidery size 145x145mm