a neat and tidy embroidery back

It only seems right to make the back of your finished embriodery as good looking as the front. Here's a simple and ever so easy way to do this.

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Make sure your embroidery is centrally placed and the fabric is taut within the hoop, turn to the reverse and trim the fabric along the printed dotted line. Turn the edge of the fabric over once so the raw edge is hidden (like a hem), and pin in place all round. You will need to ‘ease’ the hem in place by gently and loosely folding the fabric to make it sit neatly and evenly all round. Thread a needle with embroidery thread (six strands, any colour). Stitch around through the edge of the fabric with a big running stitch, taking out the pins as you go. Leave a loose end of about 6 inches at the beginning and also at the end. When you have completed the circle, check on the front to make sure that the embroidery is still taut. Adjust as needed. Then, holding both ends of the running stitch thread, gently pull them together so that the fabric is drawn in towards the centre of the embroidery. Tie them together with a double knot and cut off the excess thread.Turn it over, stand back admire your work!