Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery needles Chenille 22
Chenille embroidery needles

Embroidery Needles

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There are hundreds of different sizes of needles for all different types of fabric and types of stitching. They are categorised by the thickness of the needle shaft, the length of the needle, the size and length of the eye and the sharpness of the point.
To avoid confusion, for the emboirdery projects that we do, we have narrowed it down to two needles. Both are Chenille needles so perfect for embroidery.

Chenille 22 - Large, long eye and good for embroidery on linen and cotton fabrics, such as our floral kits.
Chenille 26 - This needle also has a long eye but is slightly shorter and also sharper than the Chenille 22. This one works perfectly for the more delicate fabrics such as silk, voile and satin which you can find in our slow stitch fabric bundles.