It started with a stitch!

Thread and Fold is a brand new venture for me and it is a creative 'something' that has been bubbling up in me for quite a while. I have worked as a freelance, licensed artist and illustrator for the past almost 20 years and my designs were mostly used for paper products like greetings cards and stationery. That was absolutely fine and obviously, I never ever forget how lucky I am to be able to earn a living in this way. Some of my designs were used to create fabric by the yard, which was extremely rewarding creatively, but I have still always wanted to experiment more with fabric. I wanted to be ‘hands on’.

Then, without warning, lockdown arrived. After the initial and inevitable bout of Netflix binging, I got the urge to thread a needle and get stitching. I got myself a needle, a hoop, some white linen, a fistful of embroidery threads and just started to stitch away. I experimented with layering silk on top of the linen and combining colour palettes and I loved every minute of it.

I decided to set up Thread and Fold realising that I had the time and space to focus on it totally. Within just seven weeks, I had set up the Thread and Fold website with a range of six embroidery kit designs and some one-off slow stitch embroidered pieces. The time needed to do this was never available to me before lockdown so I am very grateful for the silver lining.

I think that initially, I may have underestimated, by quite a long way actually, just how much work it was going to take to design the kits, set up the website and all of the packaging and costing, but it really didn’t matter because was loving the creativity of every aspect of setting the business up.

So, having started this ball of thread rolling, in the coming weeks, I am looking forward to coming up with more designs, not just kits but some other embroidery based projects, curating a sumptuous haberdashery section and through this blog, share ideas, passions and inspirations with other like-minded stitchers like myself.

So, watch this space…

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