Inspiration and Georgian Houses

Inspiration, the fleeting moment of passion, can come at any given notice. From the wanderings through country lanes to the spark of an idea that can, seamlessly, arrive from nowhere. At Thread and Fold our handmade embroidery kits have been inspired by many daily and, not so, daily things, adventures and sights. In today’s blog, we examine our kit “Georgian House” and discuss the inspiration behind the handmade framed embroidery piece.

Much like a lot of my work, ideas and inspiration appear to me in an organic form. I often will have an idea that kind of gestates and sits at the back of my mind and it usually will take something I read, see or a thought for the idea to begin to flesh out and become a complete work. With much of my work I enjoy the interplay between the quotidien - from flowers to homes, gardens to vases. I enjoy these daily objects that bring me much joy and inspiration. Georgian Houses are no different. I like the fusion of my works and there is a brilliant simplicity to them that conveys a warming, heartfelt feeling in me when I look at them - I hope this is what my clients feel too. 

Georgian Houses developed out of my love for Georgian architecture. Big, narrow windows, wooden fascias, sweeping curves and assured lines - all combine to produce houses of impressive size and beauty. There is almost a rectory feel looking at a Georgian House, a strictness and throwback to a different era. With the work itself, I wanted to focus on three elements that, for me, stand out.

  • Stairs
  • Roofs
  • Windows

The roofs have been altered to be more playful and hover slightly over the buildings themselves - scattered atop their well constructed bases lined with windows. The buildings, narrow and proud, are dotted with elegant window frames hinting at the suggestion of a family lovingly living inside. Before the houses the stairs, sweeping and grand, invite us into these charming properties. With the work I enjoyed playing with the use of perspective and sizing that allows for each element to harmoniously exist and interplay.

With my works, each comes from a certain place of inspiration and, certainly, for me Georgian Houses is no exception. A perfect little arrangement to sit inside its own home, the work makes a wonderful, bohemian and playful addition.  

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