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At Thread and Fold we have been an industrious lot! Over the last month our team led by artist Valerie Carr have been busily, and diligently, creating a new, exciting range of products to inspire, delight and enthral our clients. In today’s blog, we speak with Valerie about the inspiration behind our latest range. 

fabric 1

“As you may have seen with my embroidery kits, inspiration for me can take many forms, From wanderings through London’s quaint cobblestoned mews to the expansive and lucious parks of our nation’s capital. Each area, each street holds an endless array of wonder. Many of my designs are rather organic. I forgo the inevitable onset of technology and seek to find something timeless, something authentic and something genuine. With my latest fabric designs they are deeply rooted in this process and my own philosophy.”

Indeed, a cursory glance at the new fabric collection certainly communicates Valerie’s innate eye for design, love of textures and her ability to create effortless counterpoints and points of interest. 

fabric 2

“I am very proud of my latest range. Design, art and craft all combine to produce this range which I hope to build on and expand. The reception we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. I think it has to do with the design but I also think that it is to do with clients looking to find something original, something unique and something of quality. I see these fabrics being multipurpose and having lives of their own either within upholstery, as curtains or even on beautiful curtains and drapes. I love the idea of gorgeous, deep wooden antique furniture being beautifully elevated and lifted through my designs. Of course, however they are to be used, they will inhabit a new space, breathing life to their new homes and creating a sense of wellness and calmness that is important for me.”

Our latest designs are now online and available to purchase. We offer a design service where Valerie will assist you in choosing a fabric for your project and work with you to understand your colour scheme and designs. For more information, contact our team via our dedicated contact page  

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