Creating atmosphere with colour and texture

emboirdery kit thread and fold

This week, I attended a wonderful event organised by Selvedge Magazine called ‘Getting Dressed’. Ironically, it was re-scheduled to an online event, so I suspect there were some attendees that didn’t bother getting over dressed, myself included. The joy of Zoom! Polly Leonard, the editor of Selvedge Magazine organizes fabulous textile related workshops, talks and events throughout the year and this online talk was all about period costume. One of the speakers was Susannah Buxton who is a Bafta winning period costume designer of Downton Abbey and Poldark fame. Susannah’s job is MY dream job (dream on Valerie!). The most interesting aspect of her work for me was how important her choice of colour and texture for a costume would be in relation to the rest of the set design in creating atmosphere. One example she gave was of making one of her characters appear very strong in personality by dressing her in a vivid red costume whilst the other actors in the room were all in washed out greys and neutral colours. It certainly worked.
I think we are all creative in this same way in our every day lives by subconsciously choosing the colours and textures to wear, the home décor we surround ourselves with and even the way that we arrange our 'stuff'. All of these choices, from colours that are vibrant or subdued, textures that are fluffy or smooth and rooms that are cluttered as opposed to totally pristine, whatever the choices they always create an atmosphere of one sort or another. What we are surrounded by always makes us FEEL something because we absorb it all with our senses... worth some thought?
So with that in mind, here is my vibrant and summery contribution to the atmosphere with an emboridery that I am going to be finishing whilst absorbing the sunshine in my garden this afternoon. Lots of colour and some interesting textures will be emerging.

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