Beautiful Buttons

Welcome back to the Thread & Fold blog where we bring you our very own updates and insights. As you may know, our beautiful handmade embroidery kits have become incredibly popular over the last few months. Could this be lockdown fever reaching new highs? Maybe! What’s more, slow stitch patches and kits, le mot de jour we add, has also proven popular as many of our clients have sought to embrace the meditative practice and try something different. In today’s blog it bring us great pleasure to showcase a new range of one of a kind, and yes we mean one of a kind in the sense that once they’re gone, they’re gone, items that have found their home at our online haberdashery. 

Beautiful Buttons

New ButtonsDid you know that one of the very earliest examples of a button can be traced to over 5,000 year ago? It is made of a curved shell and it is thought that it was used for both ornamental and functional purposes. We have crafted a collection of buttons, not quite 5,000 years old, but certainly unique. Two of our button sets have been hand covered in gorgeous fabric designed by Valerie Carr and the others all feature absolutely gorgeous detailing. There is an Art Deco square button that would not look out of place on a fashionable blouse. A single beetle button that could happily sit on the cuffs of a blazer or jacket. and, last but certainly not least, there is a  geometric brass Moroccan style lattice set of three. 

On the buttons, Valerie says, “Each of these sets of buttons has been carefully chosen for their uniqueness and brilliant design. What I love about them is that the 3 sets are so distinct and different and really offer something truly special. With the buttons that I have covered in my own fabric, I wanted to explore the contrast between texture, shape and style. By combining my own fabrics with buttons I felt I could offer something to our visitors that would happily add another dimension to an item in their wardrobe of embroidery.”

A cuddle for your equipment with our silk case

handmade sewing caseThe hand made needle case is crafted from silk taffeta on the outside with an organza lining and has been hand and machine embroidered. The wonderful contrast between the materials creates a lovely tactile feeling as you dip in, eagerly selecting the needles to use on your project. Only one has been made like this so when it's gone, it's gone!We have teamed the case up with a dainty pair of matching rose gold scissors and think that it makes a great gift or stocking filler for a creative sewing friend (or for yourself of course!).  The scissors are small (2.5" long with thin point), very solid, andsturdy offering great control, and also a rather pretty colour. They are good, no-nonsense, professional scissors that can get to the tiniest of tucked away threads that need snipping off.  Comes all packaged up in pretty Thread and Fold wrapping paper and tied with silk sari ribbon... a very pretty and unique gift. The case contains:

2 x Chenille 22 embroidery needles

3 x Chenille 26 embroidery needles

3 x Silk Ribbon embroidery needles

9 x Silk Couture Extra Fine embroidery pins

We hope you enjoy our one of a kind products as we are very proud of being able to share our unique pieces with the world. For more information about our works, or to say hello to our team, contact us via 

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