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Welcome back to the Thread and Fold blog where we bring you the very latest in our handmade embroidery kits, slow stitch pieces and our new designs. As September beckons and the promise of long, colder evening heralds in we share 5 of our must have items at our gorgeous online haberdashery that make the perfect accompaniment to a budding new enthusiast or a veteran embroider!

Rose Gold Scissors

rose gold

Did you know that Rose gold first made its appearance in Russia when famed jeweler Carl Fabergé began incorporating the copper-infused metal in his designs in the late 1800's?. At first, this metal became known as Russian Gold and eventually was renamed Rose Gold when the metal took off elsewhere in the world. Our beautiful Rose Gold scirrose, elegant and dainty, well-weighted of course, make cutting threads and tying up those loose ends a pleasure.



Believe it or not, embroidery hoops have a long, rich and illustrious history. In the 1700s, the tambour frame (a precursor to the modern-day embroidery hoop) was used to make tambour lace. Over time, the frames were re-designed and came to be called "embroidery hoops." These hoops were often made of metal, bone, or ivory while the hoops of today are made from plastic and wood. Our modern embroidery hoop is made from bamboo, we are very eco-minded, and measure 7” across. Perfect to stretch out a delicate pattern, this light-weight and sturdy frame also has a fabulous locking mechanism for keeping everything in place. 



There are hundreds of different sizes of needles for all different types of fabric and types of stitching. They are categorised by the thickness of the needle shaft, the length of the needle, the size and length of the eye and the sharpness of the point. To avoid confusion, for the embroidery projects that we do, we have narrowed it down to two needles. Both are Chenille needles so perfect for embroidery.

Chenille 22 - Large, long eye and good for embroidery on linen and cotton fabrics, such as our floral kits.

Chenille 26 - This needle also has a long eye but is slightly shorter and also sharper than the Chenille 22 -  This one works perfectly for the more delicate fabrics such as silk, voile and satin which you can find in our slow stitch fabric bundles.

Yellow Gold Scissors

Gold embroidery scissors

All that glitters can be gold! Our wonderful gold stork scissors are created by the leading brand Janome - matching our sturdy and reliable sewing machine! Renowned for their timeless and enduring quality, these beautiful scissors have the wonderful, textured detailing of a stork. They are strong with a thin point, so very good for getting into the tiny nooks and crannies of your embroidery. It is also in the shape of a stork which is another plus because it makes a pretty little gift for a stitching friend (Or yourself of course!)

Sewing Kit

sewing kit

Last and very much not least - our one off sewing kit! This one-off embroidery gift set has a handmade needle case made of blue, machine embroidered silk taffeta on the outside, a white linen lining, felt pages to hold the needles and bound by hand in a blanket stitch. Also a one-off is the unique translucent blue button. I picked it up on my travels, not exactly sure where from but it is rather nice against the indigo blue taffeta. Inside the needle case there is selection of various sized embroidery needles and 24 extra fine embroidery pins. Teamed up with five skeins of DMC embroidery threads and a cool pair of high quality 3.5" Stork scissors, it makes a great gift or stocking filler for a creative sewing friend.

Everything comes prettily packaged up in Thread and Fold wrapping paper and tied with silk sari ribbon. This is a handmade gift set, and only has been made exactly like this so when this totally unique set is gone....it's gone.

What is your favourite? As always, comment below and let us know!

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